10 Favourite Camps

CAMPS Traveller and expert, Michael Lennon shares with us his all time favourite camps across Australia.

Lake Wyangan, NSW

Peaceful location alongside large lake.  A short drive into Griffith. Read more about it here. 

Free – no pets

Lake Ninan, WA

Small, peaceful camping area with lovely views across the large lake to the farms on the far side.  Only 10 km from Wongan Hills.

Free – pet friendly

We have stayed at this lovely camping area on the banks of the Murray River on a number of occasions when travelling from WA to visit Maureen’s parents in Mildura.

Paid – pet friendly

Hogwash Bend Conservation Park, SA

We have used this as an alternative camp site when Graeme Claxton Reserve has been full.  It is a large area and as it is a little remote has never been full during our stops. There are more photos here

Free – pet friendly

This is one of our most favourite camps.  Before arriving on our first and only stop here we only intended staying one night and then moving on.  However, with the above view of the Murrumbidgee River from our caravan, and the enjoyable time spent with two other couples whom we had never previously met, we stayed 10 nights.

Free – pet friendly

I hadn’t previously considered stopping here until I read your article on this location in one of your newsletters.  Camping high up on a ridge with panoramic views of the rugged Pilbara landscape was very relaxing.  We also used it as a base to leave the caravan when we went into Karajini National Park.

Free – pet friendly

Cleaverville Beach, WA

We opted to stay at the southernmost end of the available camp areas which are spread along a few kilometres of the coast.  It was remote and there were only a couple of other caravans in the vicinity.  At the main camp area at the northern end the caravans are lined up and close to each other as in caravan parks.  We had 180 degree ocean views and beautiful sun sets.

Paid – pet friendly

Smythesdale, VIC

Spacious camping area close to the interesting village of Smythesdale.  Ballarat and other towns are nearby for visiting.

Donation – pet friendly

Marlay Point, VIC

Small camping area with expansive water views of Lake Wellington.  There are a number of nearby towns to visit and coastal areas to explore.

Free – pet friendly

Mareeba Drive-in, QLD

Michael Lennon's favourite camps - Mareeba Rodeo Drive-in, QLD

This site is a favourite camp purely because of the novelty factor. It amuses friends when we show them photos and tell them about the unique experience of sitting in one’s pyjamas and enjoying a glass or two of wine in the comfort and privacy of your caravan, camping and watching movies at a drive-in theatre.

There is no fee charged for staying overnight. Whether or not you camp overnight, patrons in all vehicles are charged the same admission fee to watch two full length movies. (Ed: this site is currently in the CAMPSPendium and CAMPS App. )

Paid – pet friendly

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