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Last Minute Gifts for Campers

4 last minute gifts for campers

Are you running out of time to get a special gift for a special someone who loves to camp? Even if you only have one more night left – here are some quick fixes. 1. If they love the book, then the POI for your vehicle’s ‘Sat Nav’ is sure to please. And delivery is fast and easy: via email. There are POIs for loads of different brands. Check out CAMPS POI now. 2. Let them choose with a CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE voucher! You can also choose the price, and you don’t have to worry about postage – it is emailed

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Owners Trinity Islands

NEW owners for Trinity Islands Holiday Park, Burrum, Queensland

Welcome Dan and Nora! Congratulations to Dan and Nora Gleeson, new owners of Trinity Islands Holiday Park! Travelling with the CAMPS guides from way back, they’ve found a special corner of Australia to call their own. Plus they are sharing it with all of us! “Dan and I travelled around Australia with the kids (now adults) navigating from the back seat with Camps 4. Mary and George would check what services were available at different sites in our Camps 4 Book, Dan would ask if the region’s industry seemed likely to have suitable work,” Nora said. Amazing Travelling Experiences They

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Traveller’s Story: Why I free camp

Enjoy this traveller’s story from one of our campers Terry Lawrie. I just read your newsletter on the myth: “Free camps are only worth staying at if you want to save money” and thought this might be of interest. We travelled extensively from 2004 till 2011 and in that time spent about 25 nights in caravan parks. We used your book a lot. I recently gave my wife Camps 12 as a birthday present. as we have bought another van and are heading off in May.  A little something I wrote a few years ago…. Leg Godt, [means ‘Play Well’

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No Camping Penalties apply sign
Beaches & Coasts

Finding camps along the New South Wales Pacific Coast

One of the frequent queries we receive is why aren’t there free camps along the Pacific Highway? Historically, the rest areas allowed free overnight stays. However, as travellers abused the 24 hour limit, with locations so close to beautiful beaches and towns… the government cracked down what was allowed. You will notice that listings were deliberately kept in the CAMPS book, so travellers could have a spot to rest overnight (not necessarily “camp”). Some of these regions were trialing an RV stopover at the rest areas – we felt it was important to provide options along the Pacific coast where

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Camps Top Christmas recipes
Camping Cooking

Christmas and New Year’s Camping Recipes

If you are going camping for Christmas or New Year’s you might need some cooking inspiration for the trip. Camping doesn’t have to mean eating baked beans and cheese toasties by the fire try these quick, easy and camping friendly recipes! 1. Camping Fondue Fondue may be attributed to fancy dinners and restaurants, but you can do it camping too! Ingredients: One 220g block of chocolate (or bag of choc chips) A dash of longlife milk (add to desired consistency) Fruit or marshmallows (for dipping) Method: Heat saucepan over fire and add chocolate. When the chocolate has melted, add milk

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Fraser Island K'gari

Ten new listings on Fraser Island K’gari

Fraser Island K’gari In light of the royals Harry and Meghan’s visit to Fraser Island, we thought it was high time to add more campsites to the App and CAMPS 10. In addition to Cathedrals on Fraser listed in Caravan Parks 4, we now have four more campgrounds and six dump points listed! First thing to note – K’gari Fraser Island travel is only suited to high clearance, off road 4WDs only – there are soft sandy and rough tracks. Vehicle permits are required. Prebook trailer sites – they are limited, and if in holiday time, well ahead, Fraser can

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Unforgettable Experiences

Gifting unforgettable experiences for Christmas

Stevens Camp, Warroora Station, WA If you are after healthy, clutter-free presents for people who love camping and travel – look no further… Here’s a handy list of Aussie gifts for exciting journeys beyond Christmas:  NOT CLUTTER Firstly – there are a few things that I do not consider as clutter, and people can gift me anytime:  Books – I have a “waiting room” shelf promising hundreds of adventures to far off lands… Once read, they follow the jigsaw path (see below) unless they are an absolute favourite or camping essential – like our popular CAMPS 12, for instance!    Jigsaws

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