• Heatley explains to App owners why the book is still a asset for your camping trips!
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    What benefit is there to owning the books, when you already have our App?

What benefit is there to owning the books, when you already have our App?

We received this question today from Gina, who has our App: What benefit is there to have the books when all that can be downloaded for offline content? Here’s our answer, we hope it may help with your decision….

It is a personal choice. I like having the flexibility of

March wrap up

We’ve found a few new campsites lately! Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to spread the word on our blogs in coming months and add into the App. 
Oh my goodness, word of mouth must be working because we are selling double the number of Apps now. Thanks for the great

CAMPS 10 has arrived!

It’s here, the much anticipated CAMPS 10 is shipping out of the warehouse to homes across Australia, from today! Our preorders were so popular – it was unprecedented. With 950 new sites added since CAMPS 9, the latest Hema maps and a new look – it is no wonder. 


One month left of summer

Summer! Now we’ve only one month left of it. What are your plans? Many travellers we’ve been talking to will be up and moving in the next few weeks. 

Here’s one such traveller, CAMPS researcher Sheng Yee is currently on the SA south coast at Wrights Bay Bush Camp (SA 33

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Email us words for your App listing

What else can you do to make your free listing on newly updated CAMPS AND CARAVAN PARKS AUSTRALIA WIDE App even better?

You are also very welcome to email us ( a paragraph (no more than 150 words please) to attract people to your park and area. Talk about other things not mentioned in your listing or symbols –

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    Caravan Park owners make your App listing work even better

Caravan Park owners make your App listing work even better

We are receiving great feedback on the newly updated CAMPS AND CARAVAN PARKS AUSTRALIA WIDE App. 

Make the most of your free listing with us, and add content to your listing.

Add photos to your listing. This will allow travellers to see not just the camping area (which should be the main photo displayed

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1 easy tip for updating to our latest version App Camps 3.0.1

If your CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App has automatically updated to Camps 3.0.1, we are finding some people need some assistance to have the App working the way it was designed.

If it doesn’t appear right on your tablet, iPad or mobile phone, or it is not working correctly, it hasn’t completed the