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How Camps+ Premium Membership works

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you will! With discounts and cashback offers from over 120+ Aussie brands and retailers you will save when you stay at leading caravan parks, top-up with fuel, purchase camping gear, get your vehicle serviced, buy vehicle accessories and more. We are also working on adding more offers all the time and the more we add the more you’ll save!

All kinds of travellers can benefit from a Camps+ membership. It doesn’t matter if you only travel sporadically or if you are out doing the big lap. There are lots of savings which you can enjoy at home as well as on the road.

We are working constantly to bring new offers and perks to Camps+ members. So you will be able to discover new offers every month.

And don’t forget most of our offers are evergreen and don’t expire so you’ll be able to take advantage of them over again!

Simply hit any of the Subscribe buttons on this page or just click here and you will be guided through the subscription process.

If you are already using the Camps Australia Wide app you can also subscribe directly from within the app.

 At the moment yes you do need the Camps Australia Wide app to access all the Camps+ benefits.

The App allows you to easily search all member offers, gives you access to all discount links, provides you with your own digital Camps+ membership Card and United discount fuel card. You also get access to the Premium app features of Pro Offline Maps and live fuel and gas prices across Australia.

We are working busily on bringing you a web Member platform so stay tuned.

If you are already using the app that’s great!

If you are a free user of the app you can simply subscribe to Camps+ here on the website or directly inside the app. Once you have subscribed all Camps+ content and Premium features will be available to you inside the app.

If you have already subscribed inside the app congratulations!! You are already a Camps+ member!

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