Barry, Armidale, NSW

All you do is stay at two free campsites instead of caravan parks or one free campsite at the coast, and it pays for this book!

Barbara Taylor

Woopee mine arrived this morning looks good, love the spiral binder easier to handle. Thank you.

Warwick Erskine

Love the new Camps 10. All the extra sites and somehow the maps seem easier to read for us older folk.

Jan, Bauple, QLD

Thank you thank you , my eagerly awaited Camps 10 book is hereūüėĄ”Wow Wow Wow ” you guys can be very proud. Absolutely bloody fantastic. Lots more info and so easy to read. Love it and will be proudly showing it around on our travels. Congratulations

 Ken McCarthy

We’ve be using for 10 years and it’s been a great companion for our travels. We have the mobile app and have the sites installed in Navman as well.

Kenneth Steele

Brilliant book by the way, keep up your Fantastic Work.

Mel and Jonesy

We are travelling Australia indefinitely and have ordered the new camps 10 after enjoying Camps 6 for many years. #love your book…I picked up a competitor book the other day while waiting for our van service and it clearly made sense how good yours is!! Without a doubt it is the best on the market and we live by it. Good luck with the new app and Camps 10. Awesome products!!

Cheers @togetherwhereveroz

Barry Youd, Tasmania

All you want is your Camps 10 book, and then you are ready to go! We’ve given away our CAMPS 4, we used the CAMPS 7, now we’re going to transfer all our notes and texta marks into CAMPS 10.

Florent Lore

I heard about CAMPS 10 from my brother, he’s in France and coming over to travel with me. I’m French, but live here. CAMPS is a famous book in France! 

Peter Spelta 

The Camps 10 book’s brilliant. you can sit down, have a drink and look at everything on the map. The App is brilliant too – good when your travelling, but you can’t beat a map. The best thing is it’s spiral over a bound book. 500 percent! You can sit it in your lap whilst you’re travelling – another book will want to close itself.