Freedom camp at Lake Wyangan

Lake Wyangan is a beautiful location, NSW site 1108 in Camps 10 or find on the #campsaustraliawideapp. It was formed in 1957, using the remains of a gypsum mine and a natural swamp area. The picnic area/freedom camping is only 8km from Visit Griffith.

Traveller Michael Lennon sent in this photo below and advised us, “When the ablution block was replaced a few years ago, showers were installed but the shower roses were not attached and the pipes were capped off at the wall. It was deemed that the water quality was not suitable. There is an almond milk plant, which will require town water, being constructed nearby. Although there are no definite plans at present, there has been a suggestion that the town water be extended to this camp site.” Stay tuned to see if showers become available, and please update your books.

The large grassed reserve has sheltered picnic areas, and there is a jetty as well as the boat ramp. Big sites, quiet and lots of bird life.

Also visit the animal enclosures and there is a playground.

Check the blue green algae alerts – when red it is: “Restricted. Water is unsuitable for primary contact recreational use. No drinking, no swimming, bathing, boating, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, or other direct water contact sports. No animal stock watering. Increased sampling and surveillance.”



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