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A highlight of our lap was Karijini National Park, Western Australia
Family Friendly Fun

25 BEST Tips for Camping with Teenagers

A highlight of our lap was Karijini National Park, Western Australia Here are our ‘Camping 101 how-to tips’  if you are considering doing “The Lap” with your teenagers. In our family, it was not even discussed if the teens were coming or not. That was an option we didn’t consider. It was seven weeks together as family – and it was so good, we kept going around Australia, returning 3 months later. Our crew were 15 along with 13, 10 and 8. We created wonderful memories and time together – squished in a six-berth motorhome. The 13 year old was

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Glass on the Grass Coasters

Our must haves for camping, outdoor, beach or picnics

We never quite know where our travels will take us, but when it’s time to pull up for a meal, the most convenient or pretty spot is where we’ll stop. If there’s no table, then a blanket on the grass and a view will do us just fine.We’re always on the lookout for ideas or products that make our camping experience just that bit better. Today we’re sharing with you two finds that we love and use on our travels – the no spill glass on the grass wine holders and shoo fly food covers. The holders stop your glass

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Camps Australia Wide Shirts - Breakfast at Dickabram Bridge, near Theebine, Queensland

First look at CAMPS merchandise

Breakfast at Dickabram Bridge, near Theebine, Queensland If you love travelling with your CAMPS books and CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE app, now you can wear CAMPS, too! You can also stock up on presents for your CAMPS loving family and friends. We love wearing our new shirts! We made sure they were cotton, so they are breathable and are light and cool, even though they give great sun protection for your arms and neck. We chose half button workshirts, and we’ve sourced them from an Australian company in Brisbane. We wash and wear them. You can iron the shirts if you

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CAMPS' picks for books on the road

12 Favourite Camping Reads – CAMPS’ picks for books on the road

It is easy for me to find books to read, a book-aholic – I have some lined up on my bedside, plus a bookshelf full just waiting. Here are some of my favourites, that I hope you will enjoy. Send in your recommendations and camping/reading photos, and we’ll start another list! Bridge of Clay – Markus Zusak  This story meant I only started my latest book club saga a few days before we were supposed to discuss it! If you are a lover of The Book Thief, Zusak’s latest was exquisite. He tips me so easily into tears, crafting such

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Camping Packing List

Playing Tetris; Video Game Lessons in Caravan Packing

If you’re embarking on an adventure in your caravan, a Big Lap or something a bit shorter (but no less exciting!), there is a lot involved in organising your trip. Destination planning, understanding caravan and vehicle weights, learning how to tow confidently, developing an emergency plan and undertaking first aid training- it’s a lot, but a trip well planned is a trip that you’ll remember for the right reasons. Next, it’s time to fit all your worldly belongings into your caravan. Well, perhaps not all of them, but you are certainly not going to go without some creature comforts, so

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