TOP CAMPS contributor shares 2 favourite camps

TOP CAMPS fan Michael Lennon is an RV travel expert. He uses his CAMPS guides to find wonderful free camps and plan his trips.

Michael has sent us almost 400 updates since Heatley and I purchased CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE five years ago!

We were fortunate to meet the Western Australian a few years back…

TOP CAMPS contributor Michael Lennon with his Rig
Michael Lennon with his Rig

He emails photos of camps, visitor information centres, dump points, articles and regional information. We value every update.

Before we met Michael, he sent the previous CAMPS owners two of his favourite camps – and a tip!

Oura Beach, NSW

Oura Beach is a huge freedom camp site on the Murrumbidgee River about 19km from Wagga Wagga.  It was such a large camping area that at times there was a least 100 metres between most of the caravans.

We had a fantastic position right next to a bend in the river with excellent views in both directions.

When we arrived the local shire had recently completed the conversion of the toilet from a drop one to one with a flushing sewerage system.

There was a dump point and fresh water tap in Wagga Wagga, and when we went to  town to shop and play croquet a couple of times it was easy to get rid of our black water and fill the five 20L collapsible plastic water bags to replenish the caravan’s tanks.

While at this camp site the local village of Oura had a fete and so campers were able to purchase local produce and make a donation to the local volunteer fire brigade as a ‘thank you’ for the free camping.  At the time there was not a box at the site for donations.

Graeme Claxton Reserve, SA

Another favourite camp site is Graeme Claxton Reserve near Cadell in SA where we have camped on the way to and from Mildura.

CAMPS - Help save the free camp sites

And a tip

Whenever we stop at a freedom camp which is not clean we usually spend up to 30 minutes collecting rubbish. In that way, we repay the local shire for allowing free camping.

I went to Bunnings and purchased very long handled pincers which are operated by a trigger in the handle.

The long handle means that we can retrieve rubbish from under bushes and also don’t have to worry about snakes in the long grass.

I would like to see all freedom campers spend even as little as 15 minutes collecting rubbish if a site is untidy.

Hopefully, If we all do our bit the number of freedom camps will not diminish. Plus, it might encourage the shires to reopen those that have been closed and even develop new ones.

A few times – campers have realised that we are fellow campers and are cleaning up rubbish left behind by others. So they found plastic shopping bags from their caravans and joined in.

It is in all our interests to keep these freedom camps open, not only for us but also for future generations.

Perhaps the occasional article in your email newsletters will prod an army of campers into action.  Like you, I would like to see the number of listed freedom camps increase in each future edition of Camps Australia Wide.

Here’s how Michael uses his CAMPS books… and his advice on purchasing a caravan and cost effective travel.

Thanks Michael, and please keep those updates and photos coming! All of our readers can also easily update us via the CAMPS App. You can also add new sites and day use areas, like picnic areas. Alternatively, you can use our website or email us.

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