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Family Travel Games - CAMPS Spotto
Family Friendly Fun

Family Travel Games: CAMPS Spotto

We’ve been playing this for years in our family……following the grand tradition of car trips with the Aulds. Four siblings would be vying for the first “spotting” of cat/dog/cow/kangaroo (sign OK) etc…all for a few cents a find! A car trip full of peace and quiet was well worth the price of some scrap paper and a few coins. Here are a few to get you started. surfboard on a car police car boat brumbies (extra if live) fire station windmill campervan My favourite – Belted Galloways, spotted just after we landed in Launceston, Tasmania outside historic Evandale Friesian cow

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Image from Save the Bilby Fund

Better than an Easter Bunny – visit the Charleville Bilby Experience, Queensland

Image from Save the Bilby Fund Have you seen the Charleville Bilby Experience must-see show? Tour the nocturnal house (where they alter the timing so that the bilby’s night is during our day) and see some super cute bilbies during their night-time activities. After an engaging talk by a keeper you will understand more about the plight of this delightful eco-engineer and exactly why they are worth saving from extinction. The Save the Bilby Fund has been working hard on the breeding facility in Charleville and they have produced over 50 babies in the last couple of years. Image from Save

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Tooraweenah Emu Farm, New South Wales

Visit an Emu Farm, near the Warrumbungles, New South Wales

Have you tried emu? Not tried riding one, I mean eating one. Or an emu egg scramble? Well you can at Tooraweenah, in New South Wales. Little did we know as we travelled through the Warrumbungle National Park, between Gilgandra and Coonabarabran, that we would find a emu farm. It was great to meet the family, check out their birds, and learn about benefits of emu oil. They have been farming emus since 1995 – and now have over 1200. We were lucky to see these little chicks – they normally hatch early July. They are hand raised. The farm

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Penguin, Tasmania

What to do and see around Penguin, Tasmania

Penguin is west of Ulverstone and Devonport, a gorgeous place to visit with two free and one donation campsite plus a caravan park. All camps are beachfront to the Bass Strait with sensational views! Just the drive in and around Penguin is a tourist must-do! As are the hinterland drives. This part of the north west coast of Tasmania has an unusual feature – a railway line that runs next to the sea! And right past some of those freedom camps. There is also a miniature railway. Spend some time exploring Penguin – we snapped a photo with the big

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Lightning Ridge, New South Wales - image Keith Halford
Bucket List

Must See and Do on a Lightning Ridge road trip in New South Wales

Lightning Ridge, New South Wales – image Keith Halford Most people have heard of Lightning Ridge and know it is THE destination for NSW opals. But did you know there are other attractions around here for a roadtrip? Also that Opals are Australia’s national gemstone?  The Lightning Ridge area has plenty of free camps and bore baths, too. Even a free camp with a bore bath! Keith Halford from our Facebook Group, I Love Camping Australia Wide said he “Loved our stay in Lightning Ridge! So many things to see and do here.”  Here’s his list: The Chambers Of The Black

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Edge Of The World, Arthur River, Tasmania

Must do: Edge of the World, Tasmania

We threw a pebble off ‘The Edge of the World’! Our team member and resident Tasmanian, Leisa Cooper, urged us to visit. She said, “If you include the west coast in your journey, (its wild and beautiful) past Stanley and Marrawah there’s a little spot called the ‘Edge of the World’.   “It’s the starting point to the longest uninterrupted stretch of ocean in the world, 16,000 km the nearest land mass to the west is not Africa, but Argentina and to the south Antarctica.” Leisa said, “It’s where they collect Cape Grim Water, as it’s the purest air and water

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BHP Mt Whaleback Tour at Newman WA
Life on the Road

52 years between visits: BHP Mt Whaleback Tour at Newman, Western Australia

I visited the Mt Whaleback iron ore mine in September 1969 which was the year that its ore was first shipped overseas.   Along with 23 girls and guys in our early twenties we chartered a bus to take us on a tour of the Pilbara region of Western Australia, sleeping under the stars on camp stretchers and cooking meals over camp fires.  Fast forward to last September, 52 years later and I am visiting the Pilbara region for the second time.  This time in the comfort of a luxury caravan with Maureen, my wife of 50 years. In 1969 Mt

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Ludwig Leichhardt's Dig Tree in Comet, Queensland

Definition: What is a Dig Tree?

Ludwig Leichhardt’s Dig Tree in Comet, Queensland As early explorers travelled Australia, they would sometimes bury items – and mark the tree above the stash. For instance, we visited Ludwig Leichhardt’s Dig Tree in Comet, east of Emerald in the Central Highlands of Queensland. It was from his second expedition in 1847, where he buried a powder canister with despatches of his plans. A replica of Ludwig Leichhardt’s Dig Tree in Comet Queensland The tree was originally from the junction of the Comet and Nagoa Rivers, before it was removed for safe keeping to Brisbane. View the tree at the Railway Station

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What to do and where to stay at Wee Waa, New South Wales

What a beautiful town – with an interesting name. The Kamilaroi meaning is ‘Fire for Roasting’ and you pronounce it War, not Wah! We stopped out here for an 18th, but stayed out of town, on a cotton property. Cotton is what the town is known for, and why it is called Australia’s Cotton Capital. Wee Waa is also said to be the oldest town on the Namoi. Originally cattle and cereal crops drove local income, but in the 1960s, cotton farming began. However we did have time for lunch, and were right royally treated at the Imperial Hotel. I

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