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Camps Australia Wide is a family owned Australian company with a proud 30 year history.

We publish the trusted and comprehensive travel guidebooks Australian travellers have come to love, including the Camps guide book, Australia’s favourite low-cost camping and RV travel guide known as “The Traveller’s Bible” and our Caravan Park guide book, focusing on caravan parks across Australia. The Camps Team also manage the popular Camps Australia Wide App which continues to grow to support its online community. 

We’re always planning our next adventure and want to help you create those travel memories too.

Who we are


Heatley & Michelle Gilmore


Heatley and Michelle Gilmore are the third owners of Camps Australia Wide. Based on Queensland’s Cooloola Coast, Heatley and Michelle travel every chance they get.

Since 2018, Heatley and Michelle Gilmore have continued the tradition of 20 years worth of travel and almost 30 years of research to provide Australia’s most comprehensive and easy to use camping, budget campsite and caravan park guides, that help you save money and travel further.

More so, Heatley and Michelle are leading the Australian travel industry with their innovative guide books and app – constantly improving site find-ability, site verification, utilising easy to understand symbols and embracing technology to help people really experience Australia! 

Michelle and Heatley are passionate about affordable travel around our country, about respecting our land, and leaving a campsite cleaner than you found it. They know that caravan parks play a vital role for travellers too (especially if you only carry 140L for 2 adults and 4 kids!).

Michelle and Heatley love sharing campfire happy hours, chatting to fellow travellers and marvelling at our unique wildlife, scenery and way of life on the road.

Heatley and Michelle took their family around Australia with CAMPS 7 a few years back – six of them in a six berth motorhome, making treasured family memories. Today you’ll find them auditing sites, ticking off bucket list must dos and sharing their favourite travel places and tips in the free CAMPS newsletter, Facebook Group “I Love Camping Australia Wide’ and on other social media channels. 

Look out for us in our Mountain Trail hybrid van towed by a dual cab ute, and hope to meet you on our travels!

Our Team

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Jed Elmer

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Tyla Elmer

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Graham Gardiner

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Dale and Tracey Adams - Our Team

Dale & Tracey Adams

Daniel and Amanda Courtney with their daughter Aria - Out Team

Daniel & Amanda Courtney


The Camps Australia Wide Story

Testimonials background


Creator of Camps, Phil Procter, starts 8 years of travels

Creator of Camps, Phil Procter starts eight years of full time travels and research, he says, "Our main sources then were various atlases, Smedley’s Bush Camps and Rest Areas Around, Through and Across Australia (a total of a few hundred sites in a black and white B5 publication) and other camping guides, which, although very comprehensive, weren’t that user friendly for travelling the highways."

Early 2001

Camps Australia Wide begins

Phil Procter said "After eight years of travels I had amassed quite a collection of site notes, diaries and scribbled-on atlases, enough to put forward the idea of compiling a comprehensive database that could be shared amongst us motorhomer’s." He asks for contributions – with half a dozen replies, one member gave him a list of over 1,000 sites and CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE is founded!

November 2001

First edition is now in print & Website updates released

3000 copies of the first book arrived – in hardcover with 2300 listings and hand drawn maps – with many pre-sold, and Phil said then the phone started ringing!

Camps book copies

February 2004

10,000 copies of CAMPS 2 released

Then throughout 2004, Phil travels 50,000km in nine months, in an 8 foot Ross A-Class motorhome, with car and trailer – taking photos and recording updates.


February 2005

First edition of Camps Snaps produced

30,000 copies of Camps 3 with Hema Road Atlas and new symbols. Phil said, one forty foot container to HEMA Map’s and another forty foot container to our house. The books filled up our three bay garage, but within a few months the pile had gone down quite a bit.

CAMPS vehicle


New owners – Philip and Cathryn Fennell

New owners – Philip and Cathryn Fennell of what the first owner and creator of CAMPS describes as the most popular camping guide in Australia’s history and it has been the best selling publication for HEMA Map’s



Camps 4 released

Camps 4 first produced with another edition: Camps Snaps in a hardcover

CAMPS vehicle


Research and adventure!

Cathryn and Philip travel about 50,000km every year!


February 2009

Camps 5 released with over 3500 listings
Camps Australia Wide 2011


Caravan Parks 2 and Camps 6

Camps 6 and Caravan Parks second edition released in June 2011. Philip and Cathryn have their share of red dust and mishaps!


November 2012


Camps App 1.0 now available for iPhone and iPad!

camps sustralia snaps


Camps 7 & Caravan Parks 3 Released

The Camps 7 edition is the publication current owners Heatley and Michelle took with them when they took their family around Australia, with six of them their six berth motorhome, making treasured family memories. Their lap was 23,000 km into every mainland state and territory!

Wangi Falls, Litchfield National Park – now our kids are a whole lot older!

June 2013

‘The Big Lap’ continues for the Gilmores

The Gilmores at Wangi Falls, Litchfield National Park. Now our kids are a whole lot older but still hanging out at waterfalls together!



constant research & updating

Thousands of hours go into every book – here’s Cathryn working hard, updating sites.

February 2015

Camps 8 on sale


Camps App 2.0 and Caravan Parks 4

Camps Australia Wide App 2.0 is on the market and Caravan Parks 4 is published – this new edition rocks a green cover!

camps sustralia snaps

February 2017

Camps 9 hits the shelves

Camps 9 is published with over 4000 site listings

Camps Australia 2017

November 2017

New caravan for the Gilmores

New caravan for current owners the Gilmores. Even Roxy the dog likes it, although she’s not sure why it is only 4 berth! Kids are growing up, so now it is swags and two vehicles when we travel. Here we are playing board games while sitting out a storm at Charlie Moreland Reserve, QLD.


January 2018

Philip and Cathryn Fennell pass the reins

Philip and Cathryn Fennell journeyed for 12 years, with 2 off road caravans, 2 4WDs and driving over 900 000 km, in a dream job travelling this great country and actually calling it work, an ideal lifestyle!

Heatley and Michelle-Gilmore

March 2018

New Owners: Heatley & Michelle Gilmore

New owners, Heatley and Michelle Gilmore continue on the tradition of travel and research to provide Australia’s most comprehensive and easy to use guides, to help you save money and travel further.

awarded camping blog medal

June 2018


Our fantastic blog content is recognised and we are awarded the Top 10 Australian Camping Blog Award.

camping blog 2018

September 2018


Direct orders grown so much we now have books packaged and fulfilled through in Sydney.


October 2018

Camps 3.0 released

Camps Australia Wide App 3.0 released and continues to be updated with no monthly charge – just a flat $9.99 per year for access to all the latest updates – there’s new symbols, easier than ever navigation around the App

Camps Wide App 3.0 navigation

December 2018

Caravan Parks 5 published

Caravan Parks 5 arrived after Christmas – with the first fold out cover with a map of Australia inside and the very latest Hema maps.

Heatley and Michelle Gilmore are excited to present CAMPS 10 – Australia’s favourite camping guide has a new edition

February 2019

Camps 10th edition published

Camps 10 is released with over 950 new sites and for the first time is published in both the Standard format and a new Easy to Read format with Camps Snaps. Camps 10 includes the very latest Hema maps, a fold out soft cover and is now spiral bound! Two months after launch, CAMPS 10 proves to be even more popular than CAMPS 9 plus we had to reprint CARAVAN PARKS 5 months earlier than expected!

Brian and Kirsten from GPSOz catch up with Michelle and Heatley from CAMPS Australia Wide 

February 2019

Premium POI Released

Premium POI released with Caravan Parks (to total 8088 locations) plus 3 updates – that’s twice as many locations with updates every 6 months! Brian and Kirsten from GPSOz are great partners for CAMPS!


March 2019

The Camps App is taking off

App growth doubled February 2019 sales – people are loving the easy to use format.

Heatley and Michelle with Camps Truck

Winter 2020

Sales continue to flourish whilst people plan through COVID restrictions. Once Queensland allows travel, Heatley, Michelle and family complete an epic Outback QLD trip to Cloncurry via Carnarvon Gorge – and they updated their vehicle and signage!

Camps App Promo Image_v4@0.5x

September 2020

Camps App 4.0 released

Camps Australia Wide App 4.0 released with a new redesign, more symbols and new site type icons, making it easier to use and sites easier to identify.

Puppy with Camps 11

January 2021

Camps 11 published

A very dog friendly CAMPS 11 released. New colourful symbols mean you can easily identify each site type (showground, national park, pub stay etc) and pet friendly sites on the maps now have ears! CAMPS 11 listings also have loads of new site feature and amenities symbols incorporated from the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App such as fishing, swimming and 4WD access!

Camps Pendium Display

December 2021

Camps Pendium published

A first time ever - limited edition boxed set. New release 640 pages, split into 7 separate state guides each with large easy to read text and full colour site photos, limp bound, stitched and glued, flexible cover, B4 size, product of Australia all enclosed in a board slipcase.

Caravan Parks 6 Front Cover

March 2022

Caravan Parks 6 published

Caravan Park 6 has some exciting new features. New pet friendly symbols, more facilities in the listings, address and GPS for easy navigation is now included.

Winter 2021 warming up at Charlotte Plains Station!

Winter 2021

Another adventure on the Natural Science Loop at south western Queensland and back from the Victorian Alps, just before the Queensland border shuts again! Pictured warming up at Charlotte Plains Station!



Camps travels to 6 states and 2 territories

CAMPS Pendium has covered country this year. Waterfall hopping and hiking at Litchfield National Park in NT, Tassie, the Victorian High Country, ACT and Granite Belt in NSW. Plus a Murray River adventure in SA and SE Queensland. Read all about our adventures and camps in our weekly newsletters.


October 2022

CAMPS 12 is released for mid November deliveries

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