Must do TASSIE Roadtrip: North west coast from Burnie to Stanley

Tasmania? I think we’ll move here! Had a swim in the Bass Strait on this roadtrip, a wee in a bank vault (truly), saw falls, aqua beaches, historic lighthouse and met travelling nurses on a hike, cottages and we slept under a nut! Beauty on every turn.

If you are travelling from the beautiful Central Coast of Tasmania to Stanley, here are some vital tips from our team member Leisa, who lived in Stanley for two years.

Above is the awesome view we had of this spectacular coast, and a great place to start – at Round Mountain Lookout, Burnie.  Burnie has some fab beachside free camps, too! Like Cooee Point, below. 

Leisa advised, “I’d head up to the top of Tassie past Devonport heading towards Burnie you’ll come over the rise and see Bass Strait right out in front of you…”  Of course we HAD to have a swim. FREEZING even though it was summer – but glad we did it.

A dip in the Bass Strait at Somerset Beaches
A dip in the Bass Strait at Somerset Beaches

“Follow the Bass Highway, to Wynyard (all the little towns are only minutes off the highway) on the oceanside. Bruce’s Cafe on the waterfront just coming into Wynyard from the Burnie end … gorgeous food!”

We missed it – saw it – but didn’t realise it was in Leisa’s list… but drove onto Wynyard and lunched opposite this view! 

We actually ate in the old bank, if you have never done a wee in a bank vault, and you would like to – then this is for you! Aptly, the cafe and bar is name The Vault

Go into Wynyard and through the town, turn at the roundabout to the right by the pub and follow the Table Cape Road,  this brings you back out to the Bass Highway, but it is a “don’t miss.  As you go towards the lighthouse (you can continue on and see the lighthouse) but just before you get there, there is a road to your left that winds past the  paddocks and back out to the Bass Highway, this is the view of the coastline, you’ll get a long view of the top of Tasmania and you will want to stop and take a photo, just gorgeous,

BEST DRIVES: Table Cape Road, Tasmania
BEST DRIVES: Table Cape Road, Tasmania

You can walk to the lighthouse from the lookout, or drive and park at the lookout. When we visited, tours were operating – and the guide was lovely! I would factor this in if we’d had more time. 

The view of the lighthouse besides the flowers was beautiful – better when the tulips are  flowering, though.

Table Cape Lighthouse
Table Cape Lighthouse

Then you are back on the Bass Highway, continue on down into Boat Harbour to the right only minutes off the road the back out to the highway and onto Stanley.

Boat harbour beach, Tasmania
Boat harbour beach, Tasmania

Here’s a quick must do list in must visit Stanley!

Climb the Nut or take chairlift…

See Highfield House up Greenhills Road for great views…

If you’re there at night, have a crayfish at Hurseys or the Pub…

Better yet the Food and Wine Bar with Michael and Shelley, it’s fashioned like an old English Gentlemen’s Club. They are gorgeous people and you’ll love the place.  Michael is a connoisseur of spirits and wines.”

Visit the photo frame spot. 

Well, tick, tick, tick! I could have stayed much longer in beautiful Stanley. 

I would add in the beautiful church,

and when we go back I’ll wander through the cemetery by the sea…

Plus visit the penguin colony. 

For more wonders, camp and travel further west to Marrawah, Arthur River and the Tarkine Drive.

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