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App User Account Support

Find out how to create or edit your App user account, reset your password, use the app on multiple devices and update to the latest version. Read on for our user account tips and troubleshooting.

App Subscription Support

Having trouble with your App subscription? Here we answer your frequently asked questions about how to create and manage your subscription and activate your complementary Camps 11 one-year Free Trial.

App Tutorials

Across 10 helpful articles understand how to use key sections of the Camps Australia Wide App; from locating a site, accessing offline maps, getting directions, saving Favourites, using the Trip Planner and more.

Understanding which Guidebook is for you

Not sure which Guidebook is best for you? Here we answer common questions about our books, how they work, what content is in them and who they are for. Get informed before you shop!

Guidebook Updates & Support

Already have a guidebook? Learn more about how to update it, how to read the symbols, understand the site numbers and GPS co-ordinates, use our books with our POI GPS Downloads and more.

Providing Feedback about a Site

We love site feedback and new suggestions. Any changes you suggest or new recommendations you make benefit all travellers using our products. Get started leaving us feedback.

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