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A highlight of our lap was Karijini National Park, Western Australia
Family Friendly Fun

25 BEST Tips for Camping with Teenagers

A highlight of our lap was Karijini National Park, Western Australia Are you considering doing “The Lap” with your teens? In our family, it was not even discussed if the teens were coming or not. That was an option we didn’t consider. It was 7 weeks together as family – and it was so good, we kept going around Australia, returning 3 months later. Our crew were 15 along with 13, 10 and 8. We created wonderful memories and time together – squished in a six-berth motorhome. The 13 year old was adamant she was flying home from Perth! But,

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Road to Basket Swamp National Park, NSW
Camping Tips

TRAVEL ALERT: Basket Swamp Campground temporary closure

We tried to pop into Basket Swamp National Park, NSW (north of Tenterfield) but it was closed until further notice – due to weather damaged access roads. Have you camped at Basket Swamp (in Boonoo State Forest) Or stopped at the waterfall? This important wetland of heaths and sedges has the role of cleaning, stoing and slowly releasing water throughout the year. All so it can gather into creeks feeding the coastal Clarence River system – the second widest river in mainland Australia. Visit: Timbarra Lookout Basket Swamp horse riding trails  Basket Swamp Falls  Woollool Woolloolni Aboriginal Place Boonoo State

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CAMPS Tips on Touring Tasmania
Budget Campsite

Tips on Touring Tasmania

Ezra from the UK, is hiring a motorhome, and organising a week’s camping in Tasmania. He said places are booking out already, and was hoping for some advice…  Now, we’re just back from Tasmania and it is no surprise bookings are busy. Especially around that time. We had trouble, too – but there was still room in free camps. Firstly – here is our latest article that is perfect for you. I would recommend choosing one corner of Tasmania (depending on where you fly into Tasmania), otherwise in a week you’ll spend a lot of time driving. Many free camps

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Swimming at Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

What’s open at Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory?

Have you been here? Hands down, it is such a favourite for us.  We loved coming up in the wet season – or near the end! There was still a lot open this time of year, BUT and it is a BIG but, it was so quiet on the tourist front. At Tjaebata Falls, there was no one else there. We had it all to ourselves! Locals have told us it’s been a late wet up Darwin way this year. But there was still plenty open for us to check out. Gates were mostly locked to the 4WD roads –

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7 ways to save your travel dollars when petrol prices soar 1
Camp On A Budget

7 ways to save your travel dollars when petrol prices soar

It is encouraging to hear that the record level petrol prices won’t be stopping RV travellers and campers in Australia. Here’s a list to help you stretch the budget further, despite wallets hit harder at the petrol bowsers. 1. It’s about the journey, not the distance One way to slow down petrol spend, is to decrease your daily distances. Last year it took us eight hours to travel to our campsite, sixty minutes away. Plus it was fun! We found state forests, lookouts, historical trails as well as a pub! Yes, this may mean you’ll cover less of Australia each

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21 Tassie Road Trip Hacks

21 MUST-know travel and camping hacks for Tasmania

I am freshly back from the Apple Isle. Who knew I could learn so much in six days? Here’s some essential local knowledge to help you plan and navigate your Tasmanian road trip. SUMMER IN TASMANIA Summer in Tassie does not always equal warmth – but our swims were worth it! Our road trip rule is to at least put your toe in to each ocean you find (do NOT follow this if you have any rips, sharks or other fatal hazards). If you do not know what a rip is, please swim in the flagged patrolled areas. For any

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What to do and where to stay at Wee Waa, New South Wales

What a beautiful town – with an interesting name. The Kamilaroi meaning is ‘Fire for Roasting’ and you pronounce it War, not Wah! We stopped out here for an 18th, but stayed out of town, on a cotton property. Cotton is what the town is known for, and why it is called Australia’s Cotton Capital. Wee Waa is also said to be the oldest town on the Namoi. Originally cattle and cereal crops drove local income, but in the 1960s, cotton farming began. However we did have time for lunch, and were right royally treated at the Imperial Hotel. I

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Lovicks Hut, Victorian High Country, by John

Where are all those beautiful destinations featured in CAMPS Pendium?

Lovicks Hut, Victorian High Country, by John The Brand New limited edition CAMPS Pendium is a CAMPS Boxed Set with 7 separate State by State guides including Free and Budget Campsites & Caravan Parks. We have been asked so many times for CAMPS to be separated into smaller state by state editions.  We have listened to you, and developed CAMPS Pendium, and here is what people are saying. Compare the differences between our products, so you buy the one best for your needs. NSW Valla Beach by CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE 7 iconic locations are featured on state book covers in the new CAMPS Pendium. For your

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Camps Pendium Display
Camp On A Budget

Which CAMPS product is best for me?

Here we are and January is almost over! We have been receiving quite a few queries for people looking to understand the difference between CAMPS Pendium and our other products CAMPS and PARKS. Read on and we’ll go through in more detail. To save 15% on your purchase use discount code CAMP15 Your discount will work on all 4 individual products and travel packs! Our new CAMPS Pendium is a different product and meets different customer needs compared to our other guides. I still love and use my CAMPS 11/Parks book every day! CAMPS 11 has so many innovations and

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