Update Service

Our updates service is available 24 hours a day so you can keep your book up to date…


Camps Australia Wide provide this free update service for each edition of Camps Australia Wide for a period of 2 years from its publication date. We have Camps 10 & Camps 11 and Caravan Parks 5 in our Update Service.

Abbreviations List :  Toilets (T), Showers (S), Disabled Access (DA), Water Drinkable (W), Water not drinkable (WND), Fireplace (F), Barbecue (BQ), Fees Applicable ($), Fees above specified limit $24 ($+), Donation ($D ), Big Rigs (B), Day use fee applicable (DF), Power (E), Maximum Stay in hours (24), (48), (72), Dump Point (D), Pets Not allowed (NP), Pets allowed (PA), Dry Weather Access Only (DW)

When updating your Camps book your first update should include a full update. Once you have completed the first update your future updates should be selected by date range, IE from the last date you completed the last update to todays date, that way you only see the latest updated.

We welcome any feedback on the updates or if you have a new update please contact us via info@campsaustraliawide.com or 07 5474 2542


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