Camp at the BEST beaches of the world in Australia

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand - image Camps Australia Wide
Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand - image Camps Australia Wide

Lucky Bay in WA’s Cape Le Grand National Park has just been voted Best Beach. Not just for Australia – but the whole world!

Here’s why it is so special, and other Aussie beaches that have made headlines…and you camp right by each one! 

We loved seeing the roos and the white, white sand of Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand… 

Other CAMPS travellers thought captivating Rainbow Beach, QLD couldn’t be beat! In fact the Fishing Classic is on June 11-17…

Tassie favourite, beautiful Boat Harbour Beach, made the 2017 best Aussie beach list. I just love the view as you drive to town. Camp at the caravan park…

You can camp right at Red Bluff on Quobba Station, WA. It was in 2018’s best Aussie beaches list…

Whether you are new to 4WD driving on the beach, or have clocked a few k’s on the sand…


Image: Rainbow Beach, QLD



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