Top 10 ‘must-dos’ in Rainbow Beach for nature lovers, Queensland

Rainbow Beach has two caravan parks and is surrounded by Queensland National Park’s three most popular camping grounds. They are favourites of generations for good reasons – beachside or on the Island and some are even dog friendly. These famous grounds include Fraser Island, Teewah Beach and Inskip Point. Check out your Camps 10 for these campsites and locations or the Camps Australia Wide App, and do book ahead! 

From a local, to you, here’s our Top 10 natural ‘must-dos’ in Rainbow Beach and the surrounds:

1. Carlo Sandblow

It really is something special and that first arrival takes your breath away. Sunsets are the most popular time, the huge expanse is also perfect for cricket and touch footy, sliding and exploring.

2. The Beach

Our iconic Coloured Sands, rock pools that change daily, mini-waterfalls and the “little sandblow” means there is a lot more to do on our beach than swim and build castles! Remember, swim between the flags.

3. Seary’s Creek

With pristine waters and boardwalks, kids can paddle on their boogie board or wade from one deck to the other.

4. Double Island Point

There’s a lighthouse and headland, full of history and a wonderful spot for watching turtles, rays, dolphins and whales, during the season. The northern side is a surfer’s mecca – with the Eastern Seaboard’s longest wave, natural lagoons that change each time we drive there. Look back across the beach to Carlo Sandblow and those Coloured Sands – and the bonus is the Great Beach Drive (4WD of course). Teewah Beach is the southern side of the Headland, with the camp spots – much further down. If tides are high, or the beach is impassable – take the Freshwater Track to and from here to Rainbow Beach. Facilities are at Freshwater campground and day use area. 

5. Poona Lake

An easy walk starts at Bymien Picnic Area, not far from town, and you don’t need a 4WD to get there. Swim (or admire if you walk there in winter, it is always cold), catch yabbies and or spot goannas. You can walk here from town, too – it’s only 9-ish km one way…

6. Inskip Point

It is the sort of place where memories are made: paddling in the calmer shores (stay close to shore – there are no shark nets here). 4WD non-negotiable and bring your fishing rods!

7. Carlo Point

This fishing favourite, known to locals, is seriously underrated. One of the caravan parks is located here – 3 km from town. You are guaranteed a sunset over the water, and there’s not many places on the east coast, you can say that! There’s a boat ramp here, and at Bullock Point – so it is a perfect place for fishers, kayakers and canoeists. 

8. Tin Can Bay Esplanade

I love walks along Tin Can Bay Inlet. There’s little bridges to cross, signage about local fauna and flora, ALWAYS boats in the calm waters and beachy areas to stop and swim, if you want. Another boating and fishing favourite – I just love to walk it, low or high tide. From Norman Point to Crab Creek is at least 4 km – if you are keen for more the Snapper Creek side of Tin Can Bay has a wildflower walk, too! (Some nice stop offs for coffee and fish and chips, too!)

9. Feed the dolphins

Start early if you want to feed the dolphins – Tin Can Bay is 30 minutes away (unless you travel by boat). The volunteers will let you in the water near the dolphins and feeding time is at 8am. Please note that charges do apply, but I think they are well worth it. There are not many places in Australia you can feed wild dolphins. These rare Indo-Pacific dolphins come in most mornings and bring their babies with them! 

10. Mudlo Rocks

Now I am really letting you in on local knowledge: when the rocks are more exposed, and tourism is peak season – this is THE place for spectator sport. Please don’t let it be you: ask locals, check tide times and the conditions report BEFORE you attempt the beach drive. However, at any time or season, we love visiting these rocks, they are just south of the Surf Club and change every single day. Sometimes our jumping rock is exposed with a little rockpool below, at other times it is barely knee high. I love living by the tides here. 

So, I hope that helps you plan your next trip to Rainbow Beach! I haven’t even touched on our favourite eats, favourite tours or walks! Or Fraser island K’gari! Stay tuned…

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