Camps Australia Wide - Our new Hybrid Van

Our new Hybrid Van

I think all of us travel with purpose with Camps Australia Wide. You may want  to experience destinations, and immerse yourself in our National Parks, farmstays or conservation reserves. 

Others stick closer to communities, reliving history, understanding regions and industry, as well as meeting locals – living life in our outback and bush. 

You might travel to fish, or follow wildflowers, silo art trails or attend festivals. 

Some of us plan our travels around a specific theme. I met a couple last week, who not only travel with a true purpose but they inspire others to join them. All in support of our war veterans. Not only do they tell us about the annual trip, we also hear about three must see Queensland destinations their groups will march at this ANZAC Day. 

Big news for us is our new hybrid van! We’ll pop some images in our blog as well as our socials so you can check it out. Now the weather has cleared up I’m looking forward to packing the outdoor kitchen up and taking it for a spin. Mother’s Day is coming up – please send us your special mum camping photos from over the years! 

School holidays continue this week – and we take you to a budget oasis in WA, riverside freedom camp in NSW plus a brand new free 48 hour RV stop on the Murray River, SA!

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Camps Australia Wide - Our new Hybrid Van