Visit Port Neill on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

CAMPS Ambassadors Manda and Daniel loved visiting the jetty and town of Port Neill so much, they returned to stay at the Port Neill Caravan Park. 

As you can see, it has location plus! 

Said Manda: “We just chilled out at the jetty and playground and caught up on the washing. You know all the fun jobs!

“It’s a great dog friendly, wonderfully located and friendly caravan park. It had a takeaway kiosk too, which is always dangerous.” 

“Just a short walk to two beaches too!” Manda added.

What to see and do

The travelling family recommend: “The picnic area is amazing, perfect green grass, amazing view of blue water, playground, tables, pine trees, jetty, beach, a historic shed that is similar to a camp kitchen and even a cute ‘board game’ based on a local bird species.”

They said the sights of Port Neill include the: 

~ Funny town sign

~ Pioneer Lookout

~ Main Beach from Pioneer Lookout

~ Surfers Beach walk

~ Jetty

~ Lady Kinnaird Anchor (shipwreck nearby)

Where to camp?

As well as the caravan park, you can stop at the RV Park (budget) in town. Note there are also donation sites – beachfront, too – out of town.

Here’s more about the wonderful Eyre Peninsula. North of here are beaut sites in Arno Bay and Port Gibbon!

Find directions and info on the camps and caravan parks in the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App and travel guides. 

Port Neill Lookout - image by Overland Exposure
Port Neill Lookout - image by Overland Exposure
Port Neill Van Park - image by Overland Exposure
Port Neill Caravan Park - image by Overland Exposure
Port Neill Caravan Park - image by Overland Exposure

Images by Overland Exposure

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