Update on Map 11, 17 and 18

Lake Proserpine Whitsunday QLD - Recreational area with amenities

Please find an updated for Maps 11, 17, and 18 for your CAMPS 11 books, we are sorry for any inconvenience. For some reason, certain site numbers were incorrect. On these versions below, they have been amended.

If you can print to the correct size, you can replace these in your book. If not – manually crossout and correct the sites numbers.

Below are PDF versions of each map – right click (or click and hold on mobile devices) and select “Save As” to save it to your device.

QLD Map 11

QLD Map.17

QLD Map.18

Again, our sincere apologies. We hope this update assists with your travels.

Corrections List

Map 11

Site nameDisplayed SiteCorrect Site numberHEMA REF
Camp at Number 123022911 B8
Borumba Campground23123010 B7
Brooloo Park23223111 B8
Kumbak Kamping22923211 B8


Map 17

Site nameDisplayed SiteCorrect Site numberHEMA REF
Rocky Dam Creek9810017 C2
Cape Creek9910317 C3
Windmill Bay10010417 C3
Cape Palmerston10110217 C3
Koumala Caravan Park1029817 C2
Illbiblie Roadhouse1039917 C2
Notch Point Campground10410517 C2
Riverside RV Camping10510117 C2


Map 18

Site nameDisplayed SiteCorrect Site numberHEMA REF
Proserpine RV Stop557018 E5
Lake Proserpine Camping567118 E4
Hell Hole Boat Ramp575518 C2
Burdekin Farmstay585618 C1
Red Lilly Rural595718 C1
Home Hill Comfort Stop605818 C1
Commercial Hotel Home Hill615918 C1
Home Hill Showground626018 C1
Wallace Landing636118 C2
Funny Dunny Park646218 C2
Wilsons Creek Rest Area656318 C2
Gumlu Tavern666418 C2
Guthalungra Rest Area676518 C3
Bowen River Hotel686618 E2
Collinsville Showground696718 F3
Glen Erin Farmstay706818 D4
Camp Kanga716918 E4
Camps 11 - QLD Map 11 corrected

QLD Map 11

Camps 11 - QLD Map 17 corrected

QLD Map 17

Camps 11 - QLD Map 18 corrected

QLD Map 18



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