Does freedom camping help Aussie communities?

Free Camp Long Waterhole, Winton QLD is a popular spot in a town that offers all sorts of camping
Free Camp Long Waterhole, Winton QLD is a popular spot in a town that offers all sorts of camping

It’s amazing after all the positive stories that are out there about RV travellers and campers and how much they support rural communities, that some councils (and business owners) still believe free camping is of no benefit to their towns!

However, we’ve heard from so many you telling us how you spend your hard earned dollars – that RV travellers bring big bucks to rural communities!

If you’d like to help us show councils and other authorities around Australia just how critical it is to cater to freedom campers – please let us know how much you spend each week when you are on the road in your van/camper trailer/tent/motorhome or big rig. We’ll have a a survey on our Facebook page and Facebook Group “I Love Camping Australia Wide” or you can write in and tell us. We’ll publish your responses on our blog.

We are also very keen to hear if your community, or if you know of a town or region who has a report or data – on the dollars RV travellers bring in.

It is our aim to have a central location on our website, so that any community can access it for the latest data and dollars showing how RV travel helps Aussie communities.

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Today we bring you a free camp and a caravan park in WA, a free pub stay in outback Queensland and a beautiful budget-priced National Park in Victoria. We also recap Heatley’s interview with a Sydney radio celebrity, explaining that you don’t need to camp illegally if you want to free camp!

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