Quick Melbourne Cup Greats Traveller’s Quiz


Take our quick Melbourne Cup Greats Traveller’s Quiz.

Good luck!

1. What racecourse displays Phar Lap’s statue?
2. What two Melbourne Cup related statues are located in South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula?
3. What towns will you find them in?
4. What is the name of the horse statue in Goondiwindi, Queensland?
5. A statue of Malua is in what Tassie town?

Now we’re placing the answers below, so if you don’t want to cheat, stop scrolling until you have had a go!


Answers to our Quick Melbourne Cup Greats Traveller’s Quiz

1. Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne
2. Kerrin McEvoy and Maybe Diva (pictured)
3. Streaky Bay and Port Lincoln
4. Gunsynd
5. Deloraine
How many did you score?
Here’s more answers you’ll want to know about THE Melbourne Cup:


Gunsynd Goondiwindi Colours
Gunsynd Museum, Goondiwindi QLD
Gunsynd Goondiwindi QLD
Gunsynd Museum Goondiwindi QLD

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