NEW ‘Red tick’ camp in Victoria: Newstead Racecourse

Newstead Racecourse Awesome camps and locations VIC

Newstead Racecourse is the latest camp to be awarded a red tick!  

Located near Castlemaine, Victoria, Newstead Racecourse is only $10 per site a night, per couple. Volunteers run it via an honesty box system, make sure you display your permit. 

The 80 acre budget campground once was the longest racecourse in Australia. Handily, is only 120 km from Melbourne.

Here’s why we loved it:

Excellent showers

And I mean excellent! The new amenities block is pristine, spacious, with showers to put a smile on your face. Not just one for the camp (which is fine, I’m grateful for hot showers in freedom camps). But three in both mens and in the ladies! 


Gotta love a rural view, don’t you? When you can watch sheep in the pasture, your blood pressure eases… Mine, anyway! 

Ash Pit

Not something we have come across a lot. But what a good idea. It makes the grounds better to maintain, and easier for campers to know what is expected. 

Camp near a carving

Created about 10 years ago, the old pine tree had to go and the committee decided to make something of it. So, if you need to see a man about a dog – you’re set! By the way, the campground is pet friendly.

Facilities plus

There is a lovely, large BBQ shelter, large grounds, dump point AND ash pit. 

Volunteer Run

We asked the committee President, Troy Rowland, if the camp was good for the community. “One hundred percent,” said Troy.

“Travellers do use town and facilities – like the laundromat, bakery, pub, IGA, milk bar and cafes. That’s why we keep it as neat and tidy as we can. We all benefit – as well as paying for mowers and upkeep, it helps us the school and footy clubs stay vibrant.”

Not just Newstead – the surrounding communities of the Goldfields Region also benefit. “People use us as a hub – to visit Castlemaine, Guildford, Daylesford and Maryborough…” explained Troy.

Thank you to the handful of volunteers who keep Newstead Racecourse open for all to enjoy! 


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