Secluded beaches at Point Brown, South Australia

Point Brown, Haley Roberts via Instagram
Point Brown, Haley Roberts via Instagram

Off the beaten track and stunning, you’ll find private beaches here, and there are plenty of recommendations for this spectacular location.

Come for the seafood, swimming, sunsets and stars. Facilities are none, so be self-contained, and pets allowed! It is not patrolled so please show caution in the surf, same goes for beach four-wheel driving.

You’ll find shelter from wind, because there is such an expanse to park in.

It is likely you’ll see pods of dolphins, maybe seals!

Good luck with your crabbing and fishing – we hope you bring home dinner.

Located on the beautiful Eyre Peninsula, this camp spot is 30 km south of Smoky Bay via Flinders Highway and Point Brown Road, there’s 23 km of dirt road.

This is SA site 600 in CAMPS 10 or if you have our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App as well – simply go to the map or list and search with the site name!

SA Point Brown - Image Guy Barnwell
Image Guy Barnwell



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