Planning a big lap? Part 2 – from the Murray to The Kimberley

Planning a big lap? Part 2 - from the Murray to The Kimberley Headings Cliff Lookout, SA
Headings Cliff Lookout, SA

Berri, SA starts our exciting second stage of our big lap. We share tips for long haul trips and shorter getaways – even a giveaway!

Now our mainstay, ten years back – our very first free camp at Mulga Well was a real adventure! And we found it in the CAMPS guide – CAMPS 7 back then.

Onto a night underground in Coober Pedy, to travel up the Centre, and circuit the Top End.

Then to one of my favourite places on Earth. The East Kimberley was supposed to be our end point, instead we kept on travelling!

If you want to experience the Kimberley yourself – make sure you enter our $20,000 Holiday Giveaway! Entry is free and there are only two weeks left!


From Berri SA, our family hiked and swam up the Stuart – with jaw dropping national parks and even a kayak with crocs on our epic Big Lap!

Leilyn Edith Falls is not only beautiful – it also was an eye opener for other reasons! After swimming to the falls, in the upper pools, I found…

Litchfield NP

Lake Argyle

Make sure you allocate time to really experience Coober Pedy, SA. The food, the tours, and some noodling (that’s noodling, not canoodling!)

And Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re thinking romance, check out some waterfall camps or winery camps!

If you’re planning a big lap you’ll find all the help you need in the FREE updated CAMPS 12 guide booksCAMPS Pendium boxed set and CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App, and remember to share our giveaway!


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