MUST SEE and CAMP: Edith Falls, Northern Territory

Edith Falls, known as Leliyn just 42 km north of Katherine, NT is on the road to Darwin. We thought this was an amazing location with campsites so close to swimming, plus toilets and showers.

There is a huge expanse of water and a rocky island when we were there. It was only after we had a long swim and explore (the elder kids swam out to the waterfall with Heatley) we found the croc trap and sign.

The rocky climb towards the upper pool was worth it. We swam to the waterfall and floated through the cool channels.

There was only one other couple up there – plus the 6 of us! A few more in the campgrounds, we cooked outside on the National Park BBQs and had a night walk until the mozzies set in.

Here’s some of my 13 year old daughter’s journal:

“The water was magic, lovely and cool – we all got in for a swim. Dad, Jack, Hugh and I went for a big swim to the waterfall and when you got close, the water currents were so strong, they kept pushing you away, but we finally made it to the rocks. After our swim we went to the upper falls. It was a short 1 km walk to the top and went for an awesome swim.

We went for a morning swim in Edith Falls after breakfast. The water was crystal clear, you could see every rock and water temperature was just right.”

(Kate also diarised what we ate for dinner each night, but I won’t go into that!)

The camp area is part of Nitmiluk National Park, with a 62 km walking trail to Katherine Gorge – or Nitmiluk – I’d love to do. I wonder, is there a pack-free option!!

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Edith Falls - Leliyn - NT

Edith Falls - Leliyn - NT

Edith Falls - Leliyn - NT

Edith Falls - Leliyn - NT
Edith Falls - Leliyn - NT

Edith Falls - Leliyn - NT

Edith Falls - Leliyn - NT

Edith Falls - Leliyn - NT


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