One month left of summer

Summer! Now we’ve only one month left of it. What are your plans? Many travellers we’ve been talking to will be up and moving in the next few weeks. 

Here’s one such traveller, CAMPS researcher Sheng Yee is currently on the SA south coast at Wrights Bay Bush Camp (SA 33 in CAMPS 10) – fattening up on crayfish, he says. He has updated a lot of sites coming through western Queensland, Birdsville/Oonadatta tracks to here for us.

South Australia is the location of our first story – at outback Farina. If you are travelling that way, stop in for the bread. We give some advice to people wanting to work or volunteer on the road in 2019 and finally, a top spot we recommend – in Queensland.

Another thing on the move is your CAMPS 10 books. Remember if you have ordered a Travel Pack and only Caravan Parks 5 has arrived – don’t worry! You’ll be one of the first off the ranks to receive your CAMPS 10, after it arrives mid February in the fulfilment house. If you order a Travel Pack from now, both books will arrive together, once CAMPS 10 is in stock. 

There’s still time to pre-order your CAMPS 10, and access the special price.



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