Help restore the historic Farina Township, South Australia

Farina Township by Rosalie Dibben
Farina Township by Rosalie Dibben

Gavin Scrimgeour from Heathmont, Victoria, wrote in to tell CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE to let travellers know that Farina Township now has a bakery!

Gavin told us, “My involvement in the Farina Restoration has been as they say ‘An Arm Chair Quarterback’  not directly involved in doing the heavy lifting.

“After passing through Farina in August 2014 we really saw what was being achieved by Tom Harding and his group of volunteers  in bringing back to life this historical town. I promised that one day some day we would participate in helping with the restoration.”

Instead of sitting out Melbourne’s winter in Bowen, Queensland, Gavin and his wife Linda are looking forward to two weeks of community work at Farina.
“My job will be as ‘Chief Stoker’ – to keep the bakery fire going and other fires and also as an assistant to the baker,” said Gavin.

He asks for for all travelling up towards Marree and up the Birdsville or the Oodnadatta track to call in at the bakery and buy some produce. You can also buy a couple of bags of cement ( at $10 per bag) (“actually its a donation!” he said).
Farina is an Old Ghan Railhead established in 1863 as part of  3’6′ rail system which was lifeline to many central Australian townships and Cattle Stations of that era.

Farina Restoration Group Initiator, Tom Harding told CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE, “Along with many other townships of the era it was abandoned through road transport developments and resident movement.”

“A group of caravanners and other ‘outbackers’ commenced a minimal working bee program of 30 persons in 2009. This has grown from the original 2 week program to 230 volunteers in 2018, across 8 weeks. Farina is now presented as an HISTORIC INLAND AUSTRALIAN TOWNSHIP.”

“It is on the road fringe of Farina Station. It has a grassy flood plain river red gum campground with flushing toilets and ‘donkey’ HWS  supply (quite an oasis) open year round.”

The Farina work program, during which time the established  Bakery and new Information Centre will soon open, is late May to the 4th week in July (last week of the SA school holidays).

They recommend a 2 to 3 night stay to have time to “walk “the ground and absorb the “Farina story” though the 30 story boards which describe historic features.

No bookings are required for the campground. Other nearest camping / caravan amenities are Lyndhurst Hotel (26 km) and Marree (50 km). You can also visit Witchelina Nature Reserve, SA campsites 427 and 428 in CAMPS 10 whilst you are out that way.

He says the Farina Restoration is truly a worth while project for future generations, you too can get involved. Find out more:

And more on Farina Station Campground:

Farina Township by John Gilpin
Farina Township by John Gilpin
Farina Township last night of restoration, 2018
Farina Township last night of restoration, 2018



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