Two new sites on Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Antechamber Bay, SA - Image Courtesy 'Woodies on the Move'
Antechamber Bay, SA - Image Courtesy 'Woodies on the Move'

Following the devastating bush fires that beset Kangaroo Island last year, a host of upgrades are underway helping to reimagine, rebuild and renew this island paradise.

A 1.6m dollar transformation of Antechamber Bay camping facilities is on track with the installation of a suspension bridge linking both north and south campgrounds. Pedestrians will now be able to easily access both the north and south sides of the Chapman River. A new double toilet block has also been constructed at Antechamber South with further upgrades planned to be completed mid 2021.

The D’Estrees Bay area is planning six new campsites with BBQ and toilet facilities in the near future.

At the Islands largest lagoon, Murray Lagoon, no camping is currently available, but eight new campsites BBQ, toilet facilities, and day visitor facilities are underway to enable extended visitor stays.

We’ve also added two camps within the Flinders Chase National Park;  new to our listings as they have just re-opened.  Both campgrounds have 8 unpowered sites, long drop toilet and picnic area.

Harveys Return is the old landing site for the lighthouse and adjacent to the historic light keepers’ cemetery.  Cape Borda Lighthouse is within walking distance.   It’s a corrugated gravel road in,  but if you don’t mind that, 2WD and 4WD can access this campground.  No campfires allowed here though.  Park fees are $16 a night for both campgrounds.

West Bay Campground is located at the  western end of the park and set within a stunning coastal landscape a short walk from a tranquil bay.  It’s definitely 4WD only for tents and camper trailers – again no fires allowed. 

You can check out some of the plans and even have your say in helping in shape the Kangaroo Island development.  We’ll keep you updated when the new campsites are closer to completion. Check this link to register your interest

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