Imagine yourself at these NEW camps for a Happy NEW Year!

Junction reef new FREE CAMP Burnt Yards Blayney REgion
Junction reef new FREE CAMP Burnt Yards Blayney Region

Good news and new camps for 2024.

There is a lot of talk about free camps and pub stays disappearing. Yes, you see the odd site close – but here at CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE we are actually adding more new sites every week! Many are free camps, and definitely pubs, too!

In fact, we currently have 1378 NEW sites (day use, too) listed in our database. Unlike other apps, these don’t include duplicate or dodgy user generated sites – because we check every single one, like in the video below.

You’ll find all those new sites, directions and details in the free and updated CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App or premium camps+ App. And remember to enter free into our $20,000 Kimberley Holiday Giveaway!

A mountain biking beauty is Mount Taylor Forest Camp in Gippsland. It is free, pet friendly and has toilets.
📷 ‘Tripping with Caz and Pete’

The Muddy Duck on the Thomson River is 5 km from Longreach, QLD – add it to your list for 2024! Bring your togs and kayak…

West of Goodooga, NSW you can stop at 4WD camps in two national parks – where we spotted Major Mitchell Cockatoos and emu chicks. You’ll find Byra Lagoon and more Culgoa camps in the Camps Australia Wide App.

If you come across a new site, please add it to our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App or send us an email. And happy new year! If you see us out travelling in 2024 – please say hello.


Find sites like this and more nearby in the FREE updated CAMPS 12 guide booksCAMPS Pendium boxed set and CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App, and remember Summer is calling, so share our giveaway!


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