Great news – a waterside free camp reopens and more new campgrounds

It is so heartwarming to know camps are reopening after restrictions. In our latest news, we share one waterside free camp about an hour from Brisbane, in the ‘Salad Bowl’ of Queensland.

Plus you’ll learn about two NEW listings, a SA Station Stay and a camp near Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory Top End. Finally, you can check out a top caravan park, and we take you camping and trekking to a snowy High Country hut in Victoria.

I’ve just returned from a girl’s getaway for a friend’s 50th. Needless to say, we weren’t cooking! So I can give you the rundown on where to eat in Coolum.

It includes a delectable cocktail called Coolum Love – although we didn’t conquer Mt Coolum, I did spot a whale from the headland – off the Coolum Cliff Boardwalk.

I popped into the Coolum Beach Holiday Park, and it is still a beautiful and popular spot! We brought our motorhome here, and had a lot of fun with another family. I do miss those days when we were six on the road!

Our son in Armidale is now out of lockdown, but our Officer Cadet daughter has another month to buckle down in Canberra! A shout out to everyone still at home or separated from family.

I hope these emails bring a smile to you, and perhaps some great memories on the road with inspiration to plan your next adventure.

Our youngest is off on a school camp (he’s pictured with us here at Dinner Plain, Victoria), so we’re ditching him for a few days! Next time I’ll tell you about our couple’s camping getaway. We’re not wandering too far away, but can’t wait to get the van out again!

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