Our comment on Wikicamps sale to GDay Parks

You may have heard that Wikicamps has been purchased by GDay Parks. We want to reassure you, we remain an Australian, independent and family owned business. 

Camps Australia Wide has been the most trusted source of caravan park and camping information for over 20 years, and with your ongoing support, we plan to keep it that way. Come on board, join the community – let’s make this the Camps Australia Wide App the Number 1 camping app in Australia.


In case you aren’t on Facebook, here’s what Heatley said on his Facebook Live video:

I just wanted to touch base on a couple of things that have happened in the industry in the last 24 hours of so, no doubt a lot of you have heard about the Wikicamps sale to GDay Parks.

Firstly I’d like to congratulate WikiCamps – that is wonderful for them. No doubt as developers and owners for many years, I can understand challenges are certainly involved.

I wanted to assure everyone as producers of Camps 11 and Parks 5 and owners of CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE for three and a half years and having travelled a lot ourselves, we also publish the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App and it has been around for over 9 years.

We plan to remain independent we have no desire to change or sell that business.

Investment in Apps in significant – business like ours , and like Wikicamps need to invest significantly. How to they get a return out of their investment model? How do they get a retrn on their actual App?

We run a subscription model on $9.99 a year…. no more than two cups of coffee for all that information and content. We have people on the road all the time, and people sitting in the office, people supporting and updating the app. They are regulating that content… it is a constant process.

Any app model that isn’t relying on a subscription or on ongoing payment model, makes it incredibly difficult for them financially to continue to reinvest back into that product.

It has been in the back of my mind for a while… Look, for us to continue to develop our products and continue to develop this space and work on our electronic platforms, it requires ongoing investment.

At the moment, it is us investing in it from the subscriptions our customers are paying, we have our book sales as well. It is a significant investment – it costs us hundreds of thousands every year, in development, maintenance and management to maintain the app,

Next time you are looking at an app that is asking for a few dollars a year for all that wonderful information and advice – pay it! It is worth every cent. As I said, it costs $9.99 a year for access to our app. We think it is one of the most accurate, and certainly modern apps on the market place and easiest to use.

If you have any challenges, our support team are there to help you every step of the way. We have big plans for it – and are constantly developing it and constantly updating it to bring new ideas and information into the app.

So we’d like you to get on board – get involved with app. Get your reviews, get your photos in – we’re planning to run some promotions shortly to really encourage people to really get access and get busy with it.

So as I said, congratulations to the team at Wikicamps. No idea where this will end up, our plan is to remain independent and hopefully through our customers continuing to enjoy our product and utilise it we’ll be able to continue to invest in a big way and continue to deliver all the wonderful features that we are doing and improve all those and make them better.

I hope you enjoy this and understand. We want to give you confidence here for the long term – if you are currently an app user and purchaser of our products, we really do appreciate it! We remain an independent Aussie owned company employing Aussies. Thank you!

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