Free absolute beachfront camping ideas this Christmas and much more

Here’s another virtual lap for you – stopping into every state and one territory! I’ve had several friends visit the red centre lately, here’s a photo of us near Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory (known as The Olgas). We include top beach campsites in Victoria (the free Reeves Beach), on a WA island and the best free camp on the Cape, Queensland.  Or choose a SA farm stay on an olive grove, a whole list of free camps in Tassie and we discuss price hikes at Bellingen Showground in NSW.

Our community includes travel with tents, rooftop tents, swags, campervans, motorhomes, caravans, buses, cars, five wheelers, slide on campers, Big Rigs, motorbikes, bicycles…and here at CAMPS we believe the most important thing is not HOW you camp, just that you LOVE to camp!

We’d like to know what you think about being ‘self contained’ versus ‘self sufficient’? Or are there other terms that should be used? Many sites specify that only self contained vans are allowed at some sites, and yet toilets are available? Additionally, they don’t mind if your grey water is used to nourish their garden. People said that some sites only allow you to stay if you have a shower on board. How can we help councils and other authorities maximise RV tourism to their area?

We’ve added a weekly ‘funny’ at the bottom of each newsletter. Please email your photos of humorous signs as you travel. It might be a rig name or road sign, or other sights that bring you a laugh, as well as ones you have come across in the past.

Finally, it is your last opportunity to pre-order the new CAMPS Pendium and guarantee delivery for Christmas with priority shipping. We are not far from despatching – a week earlier than planned!

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