Camping 101 – Campsite Parking Etiquette

We love a campsite all to ourselves! However, we make sure that our campsite parking does not prevent other travellers enjoying the campground, too.

CAMPS fan, Michael Lennon sent us an update on free camp, Graeme Caxton Reserve near Cadell in the Mid Murray Region of South Australia. With it he explained a camping “no no”:

Graeme Claxton Reserve, Cadell, South Australia

Over many years and trips this has been one of our most favourite camping spots after crossing the Nullarbor on our way to visit Maureen’s parents when they were alive in Mildura.  

Graeme Claxton Reserve Cadell SA by Michael Lennon
Graeme Claxton Reserve Cadell SA by Michael Lennon

Unfortunately, last year when we arrived there, two women in separate motorhomes had parked in such a way and set up a campfire, that it was impossible to reverse a large caravan into the camping area.  

Graeme Claxton Reserve Cadell SA by Michael Lennon
Graeme Claxton Reserve Cadell SA by Michael Lennon

On past occasions there had always been a number of other campers there, but everyone parked in a sensible manner, as can be seen in here:

Graeme Claxton Reserve Cadell SA by Michael Lennon
Graeme Claxton Reserve Cadell SA by Michael Lennon

There were no other campers there on this day and we suspect that  others, like us, moved on.  

Hogwash Bend, where we have also camped, is not far away and so we drove there for the night as the women showed that they were in no mood to be considerate and shift one of their vehicles. Fortunately, ignorant and unpleasant people like them are an extreme rarity. 

This only happened to us recently, too! 

Ferny Flat, Alpine National Park, Omeo Valley, Victoria 

It was a campground along the beautiful Mitta Mitta River at Ferny Flat, north of Omeo in Victorian High Country. You’ll find it in the CAMPS App – about 7km north of the Hinnomunjie Bridge free camp. 

Admittedly, space was tight to begin with in this national park site. We list it as suitable for tents and camper trailers. 

It is a narrow camp with a larger, lovely clearing at the end – where vehicles could have turned around. We always love a campfire with a river view! 

There was only one road in – near the tent pictured. 

You can see how the rest of the camp area was blocked off by one campervan. 

Luckily, we were auditing camps, and had left the van behind. 

Now, we had checked out over 200 sites on our three week High Country trip… Thankfully, this was the only time that we had seen this greedy, inconsiderate behaviour. 

(Also note, you can access the camp at Taylors Crossing from here – but it is a bumpy – jump up filled 4WD high clearance track only – and don’t even think about it if it has been raining. There is much better access from Benambra. However, it does include a river crossing.) 


We love freedom camping. Often there is little need to reverse or even unhitch, there’s no check out time, and you can arrive when you like. Best of all, you can choose your site and mostly, the surroundings are nature at its best! 

Remember to keep access open, don’t hog more space than you need and the golden rule (number 14) plus more tips. So, with your campsite parking, please be considerate of other RV travellers. See you on the road! 

And if you want to access more free camps like this – check out our camps+ App and travel guides.

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