Best for outback history: Trilby Station, Louth, New South Wales

Trilby Station billabong at sunrise
Trilby Station billabong at sunrise

Take on an adventure ‘Back of Bourke’ to 320,000 acres that is Trilby Station.

We finally met owner, Liz Murray when we visited here last month! Instead of drought, it was floods stopping the tourists visit for this wet winter. What an amazing station and we highly recommend the Darling River Run! 

Here’s an article we wrote a few years back…

Experience the remote lifestyle first-hand, particularly during this prolonged drought.

“The drought becomes more real for guests when they are on our station.” Said owner, Liz Murray, “They see how you are living rather than what’s on the media. You can see for yourself – there’s not a blade of grass!”

Six generations of the Murray family have lived on the Darling River. Liz said, they haven’t had significant rain for more than three years. “We are lucky we have tourism – although our numbers are down.e

Things to do

Trilby was a section of Dunlop Station, spanning one million acres and the first in the world to shear sheep by mechanical means in 1888. You can still visit the Dunlop shearing shed and homestead made from stone quarried in the area.

The station ‘Mud Map’ tours guide you through 90 km of selfdrive tracks where you can discover what they do in a flood, why the fences are like they are, how they water this vast property, what plants are edible for stock, and the times of stockmen and paddle steamers.

Stop at an open-air museum of early settlers’ farm machinery and a typical 1950s homestead.

“You can observe station activities, fish, use the yabby nets or swim in the pool – plus we have canoes free of charge,” invited Liz. Help feed the work dogs and collect eggs – make the most of the 10 km of bush running, walking, cycling or driving tracks.

“All of our visitors have loved their stay… they’ve seen the devastation and stress the drought has on families – they say they’ll come back again when the river is full.” said Liz.

Accommodation and Campsites

They have cottages and a bunkhouse, powered caravan sites with campfire areas, camp kitchen, gas BBQ, gazebo and bathroom facilities. Or choose secluded riverside campsites amongst age-old river gums with pit loos and fireplaces (hot showers and washing machines at the bunkhouse).

Ask for the dinner, bed and breakfast package – or even ‘meals on wheels’ for campsites. Pets are allowed, there’s mobile phone coverage, room for big rigs, unfiltered river water – but limited drinking water.

Liz said, “We’re in it for the long haul – two of our four children are home. As long as we can keep feeding the sheep, this is where we love to live.”

Trilby Station is between Louth and Tilpa on the Darling River Run, 160 km north west of Cobar, or 125 km south west of Bourke. Roads are unsealed, a 4WD is not required.

CALL 02 6874 7420 TO BOOK.

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