Qld 522 Betoota Rest Area

After months and months of waiting Betoota Hotel opened – only to be closed when COVID shut down operations across Australia. Well, we are pleased to share the news that the icon in the Outback has finally opened its doors!

You can camp behind the Hotel, across the road at the Betoota Rest Area (QLD site 522 in Camps 10) or down by the creek where you can catch some yabbies or yellow belly!

The pub has fireplaces, generators are allowed and picnic tables. It is pet friendly, has power, toilets and hot showers. (There’s a fee for showers.)

The new owner of the hotel told our team that the dump point is gone, but a new one will be constructed next year, and was just approved by council.

Brown Springs Creek is a waterhole, just east of the pub (QLD site 521 in Camps 10). Fireplaces and generators allowed, shade and views. Not for wet weather access. 

Betoota Environmental Park (QLD site 520) is just east of town. No pets. There’s just fireplaces, shade and views. No access in wet conditions. 

Deons Lookout (QLD site 506) is also 20 km east of Betoota. There are toilets and picnic tables. There is limited space. Not suitable for big rigs.

You’ll find all of these in the Camps Australia Wide App.