New App icons, 3 choice camping sites and “border bubbles”

Last week, Heatley and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. Together we reminisced over the last quarter of a century, and one of our favourite memories was our lap of Australia, six of us in a six-berth motorhome. 

Neither of us camped as kids, our first trip was in the early days of our marriage to Goomburra State Forest. Followed by Waddy Point on Fraser Island and Yamba, NSW. 

Then our family grew and getaways were less than idyllic! We had a disastrous weekend near Queen Mary Falls with our teething firstborn, the only baby in a big group. Repeated toddler vomits in tents at Cape Hillsborough and a medical alert all-nighter at Nebo Rodeo (pictured). It took us a few years (plus a couple more kids and a stint overseas) before we camped again.

I wonder if this sounds familiar to any of you? 

We have some more beautiful destinations for you in our latest newsletter including two unique sites in the outback. We focus on two more locations where COVID restrictions have eased: oceanside in Victoria and the “border bubble” for NSW/QLD. You’ll also see a sneak peek of the new icons in our Camps Australia Wide App – before it is even released!  

As for the next 25 years, well I’m planning more laps, caravanning adventures, national park treks and fireside drinks. Who’s joining me?



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