Have you been to Haddon Corner, South Australia?

Borders have been a bit controversial lately, haven’t they?

Haddon Corner (1880), marks the north-eastern extension of the Queensland-South Australia border, and was important for the colonial government and pastoralists of the time.

We thought you’d like to see this corner of Queensland and update… sent in by Shez Tedford.

The turn off is off the Arrabury road. There is a green finger sign to Haddon Corner.

It is a gravel road but in fairly good condition. This would depend on whether there has been any rain. If that is the case, this road along with all others in the region become impassable.

It is 15 km into the corner.The last two kilometres are across two small sand dunes to get to the exact corner.

Although these sand dunes are not large it wouldn’t be wise to drag a caravan in there. Off road campers would get in with reduced tyre pressures.

We unhooked our van at the base of the first dune and drove in with just the fourby.The track across the first dune from the end of the main track is defined well enough.

There is nothing out here. Just dust and wide expanses of nothing. There are no facilities and this really would be remote camping. There is a shelter for picnic, that’s all.

Haddon Corner is QLD site 505 in Camps 10, or find it on the Camps Australia Wide App. This free camping area is 4WD, tent and camper trailer only. Pets allowed.



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