Best Routes and Roadtrips in Australia

If you are camping or travelling with your RV around Australia, here’s a list of the best road trips with suggested itineraries and campsites.

Regardless of what state or territory you are in, Australia has some magnificent routes to follow.

These include road trips on a theme – like Queensland’s Natural Science Loop or Dinosaur Trail.

The Cape (Cape York), The Red Centre Way or The Gibb River Road in The Kimberley are all destinations in their own right.

We include routes that wind around a coastline – like The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, or the Great Eastern Drive in Tasmania.

Others follow our magnificent waterways – for instance the Darling River Run or you can travel either side of the Mighty Murray River.

Some are based the road itself: like the Stuart Highway which cuts up through The Red Centre or our Pacific Highway 900 km which skirts the coast between Brisbane and Sydney.

We love finding routes based on industry – like Australia’s amazing wine trails (did you know Tasmania has four!) or the Cotton Trail around St George, Queensland.

Then there are iconic roads that span more than one state or territory –The Nullarbor or The Savannah Way.

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