Must do: Edge of the World, Tasmania

We threw a pebble off ‘The Edge of the World’!

Our team member and resident Tasmanian, Leisa Cooper, urged us to visit.

She said, “If you include the west coast in your journey, (its wild and beautiful) past Stanley and Marrawah there’s a little spot called the ‘Edge of the World’.  

“It’s the starting point to the longest uninterrupted stretch of ocean in the world, 16,000 km the nearest land mass to the west is not Africa, but Argentina and to the south Antarctica.”

Leisa said, “It’s where they collect Cape Grim Water, as it’s the purest air and water in the world, as the rain doesn’t travel across any land mass for so long before they harvest the rainwater, which is why its so clean.

We are so glad we did see the wild north west of Tasmania – Arthur River has houses, campsites and one general store and takeaway. If you want a pub, go before you leave Marrawah!

To find the Edge of the World, travel past the store, over the bridge and find the right turn. 

There is a short walk to the lookout. As to the pristine Cape Grim Water, I could have stuck my tongue out and tasted it! Raindrops were coming down aplenty when we were there.

Leisa told us visitors throw a pebble off this spot and make a wish!

There are 3 budget pet friendly campgrounds in Arthur River, the Peppermint Campground is across the road from the only shop/takeaway in town. (They do a burger that hit the spot!) From here we travelled through more wilderness on the beautiful – and wild – Tarkine Drive.

I would love to come back and explore more of this special corner of Tasmania. Check out more things to see and do in this pristine Tarkine Coast.

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