What is the difference between CAMPS 12 and CAMPS 11?

We are proud to announce CAMPS 12 is available for preorder. Each new edition is different -some of our customers collect each one! An hour after it was released, we’ve had queries about how it differs.

So here are the changes we’ve made for CAMPS 12:

  • CAMPS 12 has the LATEST new sites and dump points and updates of existing sites – since CAMPS 11 there’s over 2 years of research from our team expert CAMPS detectives, our CAMPS Ambassadors and CAMPS Community
  • LATEST Hema Maps – still the same format as CAMPS 11, but updated
  • CAMPS 12 has more focus on FREE & Budget sites and less caravan parks than CAMPS 11
  • Map icons have been updated to ovals for pet friendly, and hexagons for sites with no pets – a blue border has been added if there is a public dump point – this allows more of the map to be shown – pet friendly ears were used for sites in CAMPS 11
  • It is more streamlined with integration with our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App so it is easier to handle
  • The Easy to Read CAMPS 12 is hard cover – this was only added later for CAMPS 11, and the back flap symbol summary is on the inside so it is even better to refer to (it is on the outside flap for CAMPS 11)
  • Introductory matter is very similar but we hope more user friendly – including a ‘Camping 101’ section and essential travel tips

Both books have

  • Innovative site type symbols you can see on the map whether a site is a showground, pub, national park, state forest, freedom, farms and stations, paid site or RV park
  • Fold out map of Australia
  • Colourful symbols for extra facilities/features – like gas bottle swaps, 4WD only, pet seasonal, glamping, swimming, fishing and more
  • 12 months free access to our App with a live snapshot of every site we list updated daily – including caravan parks
  • Street address and GPS for each site
  • Aussie family owned, over 30 years of research, 100% personally checked

Pre-order now! Find out more and save with the deal in Messenger or add the discount code preordercaw12 at the checkout.

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