New CAMPS 12 adventures on the horizon – taking orders now

Michelle with the new Camps 12 A4 and B4

If you are a CAMPS fan, you’ll know we released a new edition of CAMPS every two years, and they get better each time! 

We are very excited, we are taking your orders for the latest edition, CAMPS 12! That’s 12 editions of this much loved, what our travellers call their FREE camping bible!

And the latest edition is more about FREE and BUDGET camping than ever before. This newsletter highlights AMAZING camps that feature on the covers and introduction pages in the new travel guide. And they are all FREE and pet friendly!

As our valued CAMPS community – you have the first opportunity to check out the new guides and make it your own!

Pre-order now! Find out more and save with the deal in Messenger or add the discount code preordercaw12 at the checkout.

Buy Now: Easy to Read B4

Buy Now: Standard A4

Add discount code: preordercaw12 at checkout

Or just visit us on Messenger and we’ll talk you through it!

Why CAMPS 12 is the best CAMPS guide yet!

Here’s why Camps 12 is the only guide you’ll need for free and low-cost camping across Australia:

  • More focus on free+ low-cost sites than ever before so CAMPS 12 will save you thousands 
  • Full of camps + 3,300 pet-friendly camps gives you choice
  • Fold out map of Australia to trip plan and record your travels
  • Spiral bound so it sits flat and you won’t lose your place
  • LATEST maps, NEW campsites and dump points- so you stay up to date
  • Map for each state every state is colour coded – index for the country so you can find sites quickly
  • BONUS free access to the CAMPS App this gives you a live snapshot of every site, updated daily – including caravan parks
  • See site type, pets allowed and public dump points on the maps – go to listings see facilities with our colourful symbols even swimming, fishing so it easy to decide where to stay
  • GPS co-ordinates + street address + directions if needed easy to navigate to your camp
  • Aussie owned, over 30 years of research, 100% personally checked, you can TRUST what travellers call their “FREE camping Bible”

So if you are searching “campsites near me” – look no further! 

Remember there are two options, Make sure you choose the right CAMPS 12 guide for you! simply visit our website shop to see…

Buy Now: Easy to Read B4

Buy Now: Standard A4

Add discount code: preordercaw12 at checkout

Adventures start today!

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