Wellstead – Little Town with a Big Heart

Somewhere between Albany and Bremer Bay in Western Australia, there’s a tiny little town with a big heart known as Wellstead. With a population of about 20 (they think) and an extended community of around 100 and only one shop, Wellstead offers a break from the road with free hot showers to travellers passing by!

At the heart of this little town is a Community Resource Centre which almost had to close because of a loss of funding. So the town got together and started a community coffee shop to keep it afloat!

Tanya Hitsert the librarian tells us that “The Whisper” Coffee Shop started last year and is run entirely by local volunteers donating their time. They even trained as Baristas so they could serve up delicious coffee and homemade fare from their kitchens for visitors.

You can stay across the road at the Wellstead Bush Park Campspot. Rob and Carolyn have large drive through sites and even amenities for the disabled. It has the magnificent Stirling Ranges as a backdrop. We hear Rob’s a great bloke who loves nothing better than a good chin wag.

Only 17 km up the road is the stunning Cape Riche Campground. It has elevated sites suitable for two wheel drive vehicles and some spectacular views. The road is unsealed but fine for 2WD and you can launch a boat here.

If you’re travelling this road, make sure you stop in for a coffee, and support the town. Coffee Shop Hours are Monday and Wednesday, 9am -12pm (takeaways until 3pm).

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Serving up hungry travellers at the Whisper Cafe
Serving up hungry travellers at the Whisper Cafe
The Whisper Cafe Wellstead
The Whisper Cafe Wellstead
Homecooked baked goods at Whisper Cafe
Homecooked baked goods at Whisper Cafe
Large grassy sites at Wellstead Bush Park
Large grassy sites at Wellstead Bush Park
Wellstead Bush Park
Wellstead Bush Park



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