What’s everyone’s saying about our brand new CAMPS 10!

Just got off the phone from another very happy camper. He told me his wife would be delighted we have changed the cover for the Easy to Read version. It is lighter than CAMPS 9, and easier if you hold it on your lap, like I do when we travel. 

The extra 59 maps means that they are larger in scale (some pages are full of maps to refer to, with no camps, so the campsites aren’t all on top of each other in the pages). We are glad Hema did, because with the extra 950 sites, it was a lot to add in!

Thank you to everyone for your comments, we are glad you are loving the books, the detail, and all the love we and our team have put into them!

Here’s some of your comments…..

Woopee mine arrived this morning looks good, love the spiral binder easier to handle.Thank you.

Barbara Taylor

Thank you thank you , my eagerly awaited Camps 10 book is here😄”Wow Wow Wow ” you guys can be very proud. Absolutely bloody fantastic. Lots more info and so easy to read. Love it and will be proudly showing it around on our travels. Congratulations

Jan Littlejohn

Received the new CAW10 today – first impressions 10/10 good value, less than the cost of two nights in a caravan park.

 *Great* customer service is always appreciated.  Sadly so seldom given today. I put how great and good value the new CAW10 is on our RV forum and many ordered CAW10 and had an e-mail to say it is sent.  

My good wife *loves* the CAW and comes out at the time of year of her birthday.  We always look at every camp as we pass by, even if not stopping.  Prior to the new enlarged size, we reckon we probably used more of the camps over the years than most others.

Name omitted

We are travelling Australia indefinitely and have ordered the new camps 10 after enjoying Camps 6 for many years. #love your book…I picked up a competitor book the other day while waiting for our van service and it clearly made sense how good yours is!! Without a doubt it is the best on the market and we live by it. Good luck with the new app and Camps 10. Awesome products!!

Cheers @togetherwhereveroz Mel and Jonesy

Brilliant book by the way, keep up your Fantastic Work.

Kenneth Steele

All you want is your Camps 10 book, and then you are ready to go! We’ve given away our CAMPS 4, we used the CAMPS 7, now we’re going to transfer all our notes and texta marks into CAMPS 10.

Barry Youd

All you do is stay at two free campsites instead of caravan parks or one free campsite at the coast, and it pays for this book!


Armidale, NSW

Used these books about 6yrs ago and found them wonderful. Now bought a caravan and will setting out and about and know they will be just as wonderful to find those beautiful out of the way places at low cost or free cost.

Jenny Joyce

I love this book..The app is great but I prefer the book.There are a lot of places with no service so your stuck if you only have the app…

Mary Haas

(PS Mary, you can use the offline maps on the App but we get where you are coming from)

We love our Camps 5, it’s saved us hundreds and taken us to many places we’d never have found without it. Just upgraded to Camps 10, can’t wait for the next adventure. Thanks for a great book, keep up the awesome work x

Jo Coleman

Camps Australia Wide is our ‘Bible’ don’t go anywhere without it when the caravan is hooked up!!!

Helke Nicholas



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