This WA Rest Area (number 398 in CAMPS 9) is 156 km NE of Minilya Roadhouse or 70 km SW of Nanutarra Roadhouse, on the North West Coastal Highways, east of Coral Bay.

In the northern section of the dirt area, there are hazards to car tyres. Metal has not been removed or is protruding from the ground. Use caution.

This area was given the tick of approval from Philip and Cathryn – there are toilets, disabled facilities, dump point, shade, picnic tables, fireplace and BBQ – and it is suitable for big rigs. Pets are allowed and there is a 24 hour time limit for campers.

Traveller Dave South called in to report the hazard, and sent these images to show how big some of the fragments and star pickets are. He also said the area deserved the tick, it is spacious and there are no issues on the sealed section of the rest area.

Thanks Dave for your update!




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