TRAVEL ALERT: Basket Swamp Campground temporary closure

We tried to pop into Basket Swamp National Park, NSW (north of Tenterfield) but it was closed until further notice – due to weather damaged access roads. Have you camped at Basket Swamp (in Boonoo State Forest) Or stopped at the waterfall?

This important wetland of heaths and sedges has the role of cleaning, stoing and slowly releasing water throughout the year. All so it can gather into creeks feeding the coastal Clarence River system – the second widest river in mainland Australia.


  • Timbarra Lookout
  • Basket Swamp horse riding trails 
  • Basket Swamp Falls 
  • Woollool Woolloolni Aboriginal Place

Boonoo State Forest, has a picnic and camping area with tables and toilet, is directly north.

If you have visited here, please send us a photo

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