10 Best Travel Apps for 2022

Apps can be incredibly handy as you travel Francois Peron National Park, WA by Overland Exposure
Apps can be incredibly handy as you travel Francois Peron National Park, WA by Overland Exposure

A customer from the UK asked us what apps people travel with in Australia. Here’s our and our CAMPS Ambassadors’ recommendations…

1. Camps Australia Wide

Not only does it have free and budget campsites, caravan parks, dump points and tourist information centres – fuel prices are updated every 20 minutes and you can see where to top up or replace gas bottles. Opt to display petrol stations as you travel (or not) also. You can create trips and record favourite sites. It links you into our latest news and our Camps Community. I like the site photos and reviews, too. Make sure you add yours as you camp. 

Plus it is owned and run by an Aussie family (that’s us!).

2. Borrow Box 

Listen to your audio books for free here. You will need to belong to a library to access, just join up in a town. It also lets you access e-books on your iPad, tablet, Kindle or phone.

3 & 4. Willyweather and Weatherzone

I use Willyweather for the tides as much as the climate. Always handy when risking putting out the washing or venturing on a walk! Adams Family Travels opt for Weatherzone when travelling.

Spotify App5. Spotify

This is an app I use everyday, whether I am on the road or not. You can download your music before you travel, in case you’ll be in remote areas. I love making my own playlists, listening to friend’s playlists – it keep me current with what our kids are listening to. But you can tune into specific songs, artists or choose an album – like a latest movie sound track or musical. No need to bring CDs either. It is also great for workouts, especially the tabatas, which combine music and timing! Podcasts, too. 

6 & 7. Skyview Free and Star walk 2 

Overland Exposure use Skyview Free for their stargazing. Star walk 2 tells you where certain stars and planets and the moon and sun are, says Adams Family Travels. It also shows satellites crossing the sky. 

8. ISS spotter

It shows you where the international space station is located and also if there will be a viable sighting near you shortly. Adams Family Travels actually saw it three nights in a row last year! 

9. Spending 

This easy to use app tracks all of Adams Family Travels expenses while they travel.

Australia Post app10. Australia Post 

Overland Exposure manage their deliveries as they travel with this app. 

Happy camping! 

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