Take the back roads

Our lot have just returned from a 3,500 km road trip. We’ve driven from Queensland to the snow many times over the years, but each trip we love to stop in towns we haven’t seen before and roads not yet travelled. It’s good to mix it up a bit. 

It wasn’t all play – we’ve added more sites, audited some day use areas and highways, including tracts of the Pacific and Hume. Photos of visitor centres have also been added to Camps Australia Wide App. Our L- driver clocked up over 16 hours, which was a bonus. I’ve highlighted a few more places to divert off the highway and explore further next time. Since the husband is planning another skiing experience next month, we don’t have long to wait. 

Here’s a snapshot of some of the destinations we enjoyed: the Warrumbungles, Ganmain, Albury (what a beautiful city!), Myrtleford and Bright. On the way home from Dinner Plain we showed the kids Mt Beauty – our honeymoon destination. We froze in Goulburn! Is it always that windy? Warmed up again in Nambucca Heads with a mini family reunion. The Dog on the Tuckerbox was revisited, too! 

If you have some back roads you think are a must, please let us know – we love to hear your reviews. Also send through any Visitor Centre photos you have please – or snap one from your home town, if you aren’t on the road yourselves. Also check out our brand new Camps Australia Wide website and walk through the history of CAMPS

We’ll have a ton of more recommendations for you over the coming weeks. For today’s stories the Ganmain Showgrounds were beautiful (make sure you visit the pub). We also advise on new owners at Queensland caravan park and rant, just a little bit! 



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