New listing:  Ganmain Showgrounds, NSW

We have just listed a new budget camp area at 20 Showground Rd, Ganmain, 57 km north west of Wagga Wagga, or 46 km east of Narrandera. Call on arrival. Add it to your books – map reference: 69 C13. 

Ganmain is a small, quiet town in the Riverina known as the Sheaf Hay Centre of Australia, set in a beautiful district. The showground provides clean and well-maintained facitlities on a large, open grassy area.

Great food and cold beer can be found at the Ganmain Hotel, and there is a chemist, newsagent, craft shop and petrol station. Visitors must try the famous Ganmain pies from the local bakery to obtain the full experience! Coolamon is only 15 km east for extra supplies.

Local points of interest are the Ganmain Historical Museum, The Hall of Conciliation, Hay Display Centre and Ganmain’s Murumbang Interpretative Walk. For walking trails, visit the Kindra State Forest, located off Temora Rd, east of Coolamon.

The Ganmain Agricultural Show is held annually in August. It is likely that the showground wil be closed at this time of year. Call ahead to avoid disappointment: 02 6927 6436



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