Reverse psychology

Helke and Tony Nicholas
Helke and Tony Nicholas

Isn’t one of the joys of travel watching other couples reverse and direct as they park up for the night? Only to be enjoyed once you have done it yourself, of course!

Even in our motorhome, it was a skill that takes practise to perfect. Let’s face it – some sites may be woefully small or tricky, especially when the driver has to line it up perfectly straight to the concrete slab. Another reason to freedom camp – no need to be parallel.

Now we have a caravan, drive through sites are gold – and so is our ability keep smiling until all set up and drink in hand.

Did you know that there are companies out there just to help you learn how to tow your caravan?
Helke and Tony Nicholas own and run Caravan Towing Training operate towing courses in and around Gympie – just down the road from us. In response to our newsletter question whether to travel with ‘caravan or motorhome?’, they dropped us a line…

“We are proud to say that we have owned our own business now for 18 years. During that time we also do extensive travels and have seen a lot of our beautiful Australia with so much more still to see. I think one never gets to see the ‘lot’,” said Helke.

“Over that period of time we have purchased the Camps Australia Wide books, they are our ‘bible’ as we tell our customers. Yes that’s right, we promote your Camps Australia and also the Van Park books to our customers. I am the owner now of my first IPad and have downloaded the Camps Australia Wide 9 App.”

The couple say there are other companies that teach reversing training and perhaps towing as well, “What makes us unique is the fact that our customers get ‘on road’ training by a qualified driving instructor, we supply our vehicle and van and its ‘one on one’ which most customers prefer.

“A lot of our customers are ‘first timers’ and not even sure if they like the idea of towing. So after the course they can then make an educated decision on ‘caravan or motorhome’ and also people who have ordered their first van and want to get some experience before collecting their pride and joy.

If towing and reversing is something you’d like to smile more about, then visit:

If you would like to find out more about budget and free camping sites throughout Australia you may enjoy the following resources. These cover thousands of great sites for people looking for low cost and free camping. They also help you find pet friendly sites quickly and easily.

Simply click on the images below for more information and take advantage of our 15% discount by entering the following coupon: directcaw9 at the checkout stage.






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