Relisted: Woolbrook Hall, NSW

After first mentioned in CAMPS in 2012, Woolbrook Hall in NSW has just been relisted in CAMPS. The Camp Area is behind School of Arts Hall, on the south side of river. There is a toilet, shower, information shelter, playground, and the women’s amenities have disability access. 

Power is available, pets are allowed, plus it is fine for big rigs. The town now has Telstra mobile phone coverage.

Views are guaranteed as you are beside the Macdonald River, headwaters of the Namoi River. It is currently $20 per night, simply call to obtain the key.

The local committee are beautifying an area beside the river, with tree planting, to be developed into a larger riverside rest area. 

This is a second listing in CAMPS for the town, there is also a rest area on the other side of the river. Woolbrook is in the Tamworth Shire, located west of Walcha, a great spot to explore the New England High Country.

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More images from Woolbrook Hall and playground, courtesy of Tony Haling



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